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Most Cost-Effective High Production Food Freeze Dryer Vegetable freeze dryer / flower vacuum freeze dryer / food lyophilizer

Shanghai Imprint Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Most Cost-Effective High Production Food Freeze Dryer Vegetable freeze dryer / flower vacuum freeze dryer / food lyophilizer

vacuum freeze drying equipment is the most advanced dehydration technology used in the food industry to produce superier quality FD food products.

The FD food products have been widely used in the poducts such as FD fruits for leisure food, FD vegetables for high end convenient food, ingredients, high grade instant coffee, milk powder, convenient soap, high nutrition healthy food, herbs, military and aerospace food products and etc.

Working principle of vacuum freeze dryer:

Instead of traditional vaporization dehydration method, the vacuum freeze drying technology is dehydrate products by sublimation directly from ice to vapor.

During the Freeze drying process, the materials will be frozen to -18°c, then move into the vacuum drying tank for dehydration, automatic control system will set the vacuum and heating temperature according to the freeze drying cirve of each products to maintain the proper circumstances for FD processing.

The materials stay in frozen status during the drying process and water vapor will be condensed on the surface of cold trap coils to absort the water out from the materials.

Advantages of vacuum freeze dryer:

Comparing with traditional hot air dehydrated products, the Freeze Dry products have unique characters and advantages.

The most clear difference is the appearance of the final products, the FD products will keep the same shape and color as they were frozen, it won't become shrink or darken after drying.

Further inside quality of the products, due to low temperature drying technology, the nutritons within the products have been preserved at the highest level. And due to the sublimation process had minimum damage for the material structure and cellular tissues, the rehydration rate is extremely high.

After the rehydration, the products will be with very close charaters with the fresh materials. And many other advantages due to the low moisture content after freeze drying. The products can be stored for a very long period.

Comparing with frozen products, it is much easier and cost efficient for transportation and storage. 

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