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Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine/ Food Vegetable Dryer Product Description

Shanghai Imprint Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine/ Food Vegetable Dryer

Product Description


It is mainly applicable to low temperature fast drying for Chinese medical concretes, Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese/western medicines and health care products as well as heat sensitive materials in such fields as food, biological engineering, chemistry and material. 


Under vacuum condition, the microwave reacts directly with materials to heat the inside and outside of materials at the same time, without the need of transferring heat to materials via air convection or conduction. Material trays are fixed on the bracket. Microwave directly radiates materials. Materials trays rotate slowly inside the cabinet to evenly heat the materials in all trays, with small temperature difference. This process realizes fast low temperature drying of materials, and overcomes the disadvantages of traditional vacuum drying, including low speed heat conduction, low efficiency and large temperature difference etc.  

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